About FN Countertop

Fábio and Natasha; she is a lawyer, and he has a degree in law and business administration. The Brazilian couple came to the United States after Fábio accepted a new job offer. However, things did not go as planned, and they had to reinvent and came across the cleaning services industry and saw a new business opportunity.

You may be asking yourself, new business? Cleaning? There are so many, big and small, cleaning businesses; what is it about this industry that we discovered? As customers of this industry, we were often displeased with the services that would not match our expectations. Now you may be thinking, if they know and can offer said service with higher quality than the ones available on the market, why not turn that into a business? And that is our goal! Since 2015 the F&N Services team has provided better residential and commercial cleaning solutions. Cleaning homes, business offices, carpets and upholstery, cars, tile floors, and pressure washing all around the greater Memphis region.